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The old adage which says, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” has never been more true than it is today since the Demcorats gained control of both houses of Congress and the White House in 2008. Furthermore, their demagoguery of opponents, outrageous legislative bills designed to grab power from the private sector, and spendthrift lunacy, prove that these “leaders” want us to serve them. They want to be modern-day slavemasters. That is what we will become if they succeed with their Cloward-Piven Strategy to deconstruct America and rebuild it as a Marxist paradise. Since neither the President nor Congress will listen to American citizens, we must fight their insanity in ways other than picketing and sending faxes, letters, and emails. They don’t give a damn!

Therefore, consider this website an opening salvo for a campaign to impeach President Barack Obama, out of control legislators, and political appointees.  These individuals are deliberately trying to destroy America. It won’t be long before many people will begin to suggest that Obama, in particular, is committing treason to the Constitution. Remember, our elected leaders have sworn to protect and preserve the Constitution. Are they doing this? No. Furthermore, Obama’s national security policies endanger Americans. Rest assured, the American public will shock congressional leaders to the core in the 2010 and 2012 elections. Many will be fired, but not soon enough. As for Barack Obama, America simply cannot maintain its strength, integrity, and national security so long as he is President.

Paul Revere sounded the alarm to the Republic that the British were coming. Now we must follow his lead and sound the alarm that our “leaders” are rapidly becoming homegrown enemies of our constitutional republic. This much power corrupts absolutely, so we must shine sunlight on their misdeeds as proof.

This website deputizes the public as anonymous whistleblowers so that anyone with personal knowledge of illegal, unethical, seedy, or duplicitous activity may anonymously report that information here.

All that is asked of whistleblowers is that you present your information honestly in the comment window below, and that you source your remarks as much as possible. If enough people come forward, sooner or later we will have the political or criminal ammunition we need to present to the courts and to the press.

If you think it would be impossible to impeach Obama et al, read this:

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Courts can remove ineligible chief executive

Here’s one idea to motivate potential whistleblowers.

Obama and congressional leaders intend to pass a budget that will destroy the economy for many generations. Therefore, it seems likely that they, as individuals, have already started rearranging their financial portfolios in such a way that they will not be hurt like average citizens. Doing this requires the help of accountants and investment advisers. So long as they do not break any laws, those same accountants and investment advisers might consider leaking relevant information, especially once they realize their own livelihoods will be damaged by the implementation of certain legislative actions.

Are you whistleblowers ready to roll?


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